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Mountain tourism is popular in Azerbaijan, and two large resorts (Tufandag and Shahdag) have been built in the Gusar and Gabala regions. At 2,500–3,000 metres (8,200–9,800 ft) above sea level, the resorts present opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. Mountain tourism is encouraged by the Mountain Sports Club (MSC), which was founded in 1999. Club members have climbed Mount Shahdagh. Khinalig, in the Quba region on the southeastern ridge of the Caucasus Mountains, is Azerbaijan's highest mountain village. Its highest peak is 2,250 metres (7,380 ft) above sea level. There are a number of caves around the village, which has a small museum with local artifacts such as tools, toys, clothes and manuscripts. The village of Lahij, in the southern Greater Caucasus range of northern Azerbaijan about 1,505 metres (4,938 ft) above sea level, is a center of ancient art. Lahij is known for its forests, mountains, waterfalls, historic monuments and ancient artifacts. Laza is a village at the foot of 4,243-metre (13,921 ft) Mount Shahdagh.

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